Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I planted basil and beefsteak plants on my balcony in the beginning of summer. They grew quickly under the summer sun. But during one of the July typhoons, the tallest beefsteak plant snapped in two. My mother looked at the snapped beefsteak plant and said "That won't return to normal, so tear it off where it broke. If you do that, a new stemwill grow from there and new leaves will grow from it" But I couldn't help but hesitate because the small leaves on the end of the stem were still healthy. They didn't change at all after the stem snappped.

"You look good in that yukata"

Wanting to hear just those words... I put my hair up, chose my kimono, went through a heck of a time getting dressed... Wore geta that I'm not used to wearing, and got my heart pounding
all for those words from no one but you. I hoped that maybe your heart would tilt just a little bit towards me.

Why do I always end up dreaming? Over and over, never getting tired of it. Like a fool repeating the only thing he knows.

When I went out on the balcony a few days later... The snapped beefsteak plant was writhing on the ground, unable to hold ups its own weight. It was just like my mom said. I had no choice but to tear off where it snapped. There was no choice but to break it there and let it grow a new stem. But I still become hopelessly confused.

Unable to break this feeling...
Unable to break...

based on honey and clover


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